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Pruning & Restoration of Trees

There is no tree too big or too small for our Eager Beaver crew; Whether you have Evergreen, Deciduous, Fruit, Maple or Ornamental trees as Certified Arborists, we always know how to help your trees become or stay healthy and strong. Services we offer include:

  • Tree Crowning- the removal of dead, dying and damaged limbs
  • Tree Crown Thinning- Enhances limb structure by removing unnecessary and dense branch allowing more sun light and wind to pass through the trees
  • Crown Raising- removes the lower branches
  • Crown Restoration- Helps improve the structure and appearance of the trees
  • Crown Clearing- Prunes the branches away from a home, structure or sidewalk
  • Crown Reduction- Pruning to decrease the height and spread of the tree.

Stump Grinding & Stump removal

Eager Beaver in Skagit County can help you beautify your property by grinding or removing an unwanted tree stump. Perhaps a stump is in the way of where you would like to put a hot tub, flower and vegetable garden or a Pergola. Our professional stump grinders can easily and affordably eliminate this problem.

The stump grinder can fit through a 40-inch gate and is self-propelled, minimizing the impact to your lawn. In addition to the stump, surface roots can be ground to make way for replanting a tree, fresh turf, a flower bed, etc. Or if you want the whole tree stump removed, Eager Beaver removes the unwanted stump from your property. No more hassles or workarounds. We simplify and beautify your property to give you more options.
Crane brought to the project site

Shrub & Hedge Trimming or Removal

Shrubs and hedges can be beautiful features in your landscape. Our Eager Beaver team shapes and defines the shrubs and hedges just the way you’ve always imagined! Sometimes, unfortunately, hedges or shrubs can decline with age or become diseased. When a shrub or hedge cannot be trimmed or restored, we recommend removal. Perhaps you'd like to replant after the removal? Eager Beaver, located in Skagit Valley can grind the root area; leaving a clean slate for you to work with. We can even plant something for you, so you don't have to. We are full-service!

Tree Removal

Tree removal though unfortunate, sometimes is necessary because of decay, weather damage, disease, structural failure, poor location, the health of surrounding trees, etc. Eager Beaver in Skagit County prefers preservation and restoration, but sometimes it's just unavoidable. Our crew has extensive experience taking down trees in nearly any environment or on any kind of terrain with safety always our biggest concern.

Our skilled climbers and low-impact lifts are available to assist in the tree removal process. The taller of the two lifts reaches above 90-feet and is only 44 inches wide. It is self-propelled on tracks, uses vegetable based hydraulic fluid and oil, and has a battery life of 4-6 hours. These features allow the machine to fit through most gates and doorways, as well as operate indoors with zero emissions for the life of the battery, with minimal impact to the surface it is being driven across.Eager Beaver is one of the most environmental friendly tree service in all of Washington state.

View Enhancements

The Greater Skagit Valley is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty. Many homeowners enjoy a priceless view and many others could have the same with a few simple measures. Selective view trimming and windowing can provide you with added enjoyment as well as increase the value of your property, while maintaining the integrity and health of your trees.

Hazard & Storm Damaged Trees

Mother Nature is unpredictable and as any Washingtonian can attest, it can be unkind and unforgiving in an instant. Damaged and hazardous trees should be assessed and addressed before storm season arrives, eliminating as much risk as possible. Hazard signs to watch for are dead or rapidly deteriorating trees, multiple trunks with seams or decaying pockets, leaning (especially towards structures), and breathing at the roots. For your safety and your bank account, it is imperative to have symptoms like these looked at by Eager Beaver or another tree specialist. Should a tree fail before you notice a problem, or a heavy storm surprises us, Eager Beaver Tree Service has the experience and equipment necessary to remove fallen trees from nearly any structure.

You can improve the health of your trees year round by removing dead limbs, crown cleaning, restoration, and other services as needed. Ask us for an estimate to get the trees, shrubs and bushes on your property in tip top condition.

Enjoy the sight of a perfectly trimmed view.